Tuesday, June 16, 2009

UTAU Profiles/Stats

Name :: Anzu Tsuchi ( Apricot Earth )
Age :: 21
Sex :: Female
Height/Weight :: 5'7"/127 lbs
Color Scheme :: Green/Yellow
Hair/Eye Color :: Blond/Blue
Item :: Flower
Saying :: "Sexy~"
Sexuality :: Bi
Fav. Food :: Lettuce
Mental Disorder :: Narcissistic personality disorder - A pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

Voice Donor :: Unknown at the moment ( has an idea )
Character Design :: None defined yet...The only certain thing is she has ebony skin.
Personality :: Described as turning inward for gratification rather than depending on others, and being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, and prestige.

Name :: Kage Momo (Shadow Peach)
Age :: 19
Sex :: Male
Height/Weight :: 5'10" / 142 lbs
Color Scheme :: Black/Red
Hair/Eye Color :: Black/Grey
Item :: Divining Rod
Saying :: "Tch..."
Sexuality :: Gay
Fav. Food :: Peaches
Mental Disorder :: Antisocial Personality Disorder - A condition characterized by persistent disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others. Deceit and manipulation are central features of this disorder.

Voice Donor :: JP ( bored/deep voice )
Character Design :: Black sleeveless Yukata with red Obi belt and generic wooden sandals. Has black arm warmers with red upper and lower trim and a athletic body type.

Tan skin, red headset, bored looking grey eyes and short, black, spiky hair.
Personality :: Aggressive and masochistic tendencies with a lack of empathy. Loves to inflict harm on others ( especially Akira Haru ) .

UTAU relationships :: Likes to mess around with Kasane Teto and likes to hurt Momone and Defoko. Hates other UTAUloids and tends to attempt to hurt them. Likes to play sadistic games with Haru and then make out with him after wards which usually leads to Haru becoming suicidal or having a psychotic break.

Vocaloid relationships :: Is friends with Yowane Haku and rivals with Akita Neru. Loves to torture Miku, Meiko, Kaito, Rin and Len.

Name :: Akira Haru (Born in the Spring Intelligent)
Age :: 18
Sex :: Male
Height/Weight :: 120 lbs/5'9"
Color Scheme :: Black & Purple
Hair/Eye Color :: Blond/Pink
Item :: Steel Pole
Saying :: "Kweh~"
Sexuality :: Gay
Fav. Food :: Mushrooms
Mental Disorder :: Schizo affective disorder - A mental illness characterized by recurring episodes of mood disorder and psychosis. Psychosis is defined by paranoia, delusions and/or hallucinations. Mood disorders are defined as discrete periods of clinical depression, mixed and/or manic episodes. Individuals with the disorder may experience psychotic symptoms before, during or (commonly) after their depressive, mixed and/or manic episodes.

Voice Donor :: JP ( regular voice )
Character Design :: One-sleeved purple shirt cut off at the belly with black trim at the bottom of the sleeve. Has a heart design on the front of the shirt.
Purple pants with black side trims and knee-length black combat boots with purple laces.

Pale skin, black headset with purple circles on the ear part and wide pink eyes that have a slightly distant look. Shoulder length
blond hair with two long thin cowlicks.

Personality :: Is overly joyful but swings into depression easily. Tends to think about self-harm and contemplates suicide.
Has a severe paranoia of Kage Momo but loves him dearly at the same time.
Has disjointed thoughts and impulsive behavior. Tends to have psychotic fits every once in a while.

UTAU relationships :: Admires Kasane Teto but is friends with Momo Momone. Likes to hang out with Defoko. Is paranoid of other UTAUloids as he has a fear they will hurt him like Kage does.

Vocaloid relationships :: Admires Yowane Haku and has a fear of Akita Neru. Hates Hatsune Miku. Has a bitter rivalry with Kagamine Len and has a big crush on Kaito. Dislikes Meiko but can tolerate her to an extent. Is scared of Kagamine Rin.

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